What is Biomimetics?

If the history of planet Earth was compressed into one year, humans would appear in the last 15 minutes of it.

As very young species we can learn a lot just from observation of Nature around us. Over millions of years were natural designs and solutions shaped, improved or discarded to provide living organism necessary chance to adapt, survive and grow.

Biomimetics is interdisciplinary field that uses or imitates natural solutions to improve human everyday lives. Examples of biomimetic studies include fluid-drag reduction swimsuits inspired by the structure of shark’s skin, Velcro fasteners modeled on burrs, shape of airplanes developed from the look of birds, and stable building structures copied from the backbone of turban shells. Nowadays, biomimetic designs are successfully applied for instance in regenerative medicine, tissue engineering or drug delivery.

Scope of our research

Biomimetic antibacterial systems 

Preparation of nano-particles/carriers by microfluidics 

Antibacterial surfaces and particles inspired by nature

Surfaces with remotely controlled topology and properties


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