SVK 2023

Big thanks to all of you who participated and presented their research in this year's student competition SVK 2023. Special congratulation goes to Max and Kryštof (1st place), Alča (2nd place), and Kája (3rd place). The level of competition was very high and we are stoked more than ever for such amazing achievements! 


List of all participants and their presentations within the Laboratory of Biomimetic Engineering:


  1. Maximilián Prachár - Numerical analysis of industrial bioreactors for accelerated tech transfer
  2. Kryštof Dorňák - Preparation of composite structures with temperature-controlled release of the active substance
  3. Karolína Slonková (Chobotix) - Depot formulation for local controlled excretion of antibiotics using magnetic field
  4. Alina Mamedova - Nanotopographic surfaces prepared by plasma etching
  5. Mária Šoltésová - Plasmonic Nanosensors: Tailoring Patch Morphology
  6. Viet Tomáš Nguyen - Surface patterning methodology for cell culture
  7. Romana Hupková - Encapsulation of bacterial cells in polymer matrix




Well-deserved pub gathering (clockwise from raised beer) Pavel, Tomáš, Kryštof, Alča, Romi, Lucka and Kája