War in Ukraine

Statement of UCT Prague on the Situation Development in Ukraine

  • UCT Prague unequivocally condemns the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation, which are being directed against a sovereign and independent Ukrainian state and are clearly in conflict with international law and are already responsible for human lives.
  • UCT Prague disagrees with Russia’s current steps towards Ukraine, which exacerbate the situation and violate democratic principles, and are a harbinger of violent violations of humanity and freedom.
  • UCT Prague expresses its support for Ukrainian students and academic staff and is considering ways to help them, for example in the form of special scholarships.
  • We also express our support to Russian students and academics in Russia and other countries in their search for the truth within the universal concept of academic freedoms. We do not agree that students and academics will become hostages to the political situation.
  • International academic cooperation and mobility of students and academics help mutual knowledge and understanding, reduce the risks of xenophobia and international strife.
  • The Rector of the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague is in contact with other colleagues from the Czech Rectors’ Conference, whose opinion you can read here.

Pavel Matějka, Rector of University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague