Lucka’s IGRA@UCTP project has been selected for funding!

Big congrats from LBE!


Nature-based 3D bioprinted films with controlled in-situ synthesis of bactericides

Using nature-inspired remedies is one of the options to tackle bacterial resistance. We aim to develop and optimize the complete production process of 3D bioprinted thin films with antibacterial properties based on the defence mechanism of Allium plants (garlic, onion, etc.). Our project covers mainly the synthesis optimization, epimeric separation and scale-up of prodrug compounds, their encapsulation with the temperature-triggered release, product formulation using a novel technique of 3D bioprinting and antibacterial testing using the customized disc diffusion method. By combining the field of organic technology and chemical engineering, our team has a unique opportunity to develop a product from prodrug synthesis to thin film formulation and testing. Given the aforementioned interdisciplinarity, we can gain experience in areas very close to our research focus and future carriers, yet unattainable within our current positions. Moreover, we can further develop our soft skills not only through the teamwork itself but also by participating in the proposed seminars and attending international conferences, internships or training schools.


The student Internal Grant Competition – IGRA@UCTP is an integral part of the “Internal Grants Reinforcing Activities for Doctoral Study Programmes at UCTP“ Project (IGRA@UCTP; Officially in Czech: Činnosti k podpoře interních grantů pro doktorské studijní programy na VŠCHT Praha, awarded to UCT Prague within the Call OP VVV 02_19_073 Zvyšování kvality interních grantových schémat na VŠ (Enhancement of quality of internal grant schemes at higher education institutions) under the registration number.