Yeeeeeessss! Hazal, Lucka and Matěj successfully defended their theses!   Good luck in your future endeavours, careers and personal life!  
We are happy to anounce that Tomáš was upgraded to level "Bachelor". Congrats from all your lab mates. Cheers!
Congratulation to Bc. Mária Šoltésová for defending her bachelor work! All best from LBE Team
Lucie Mašková  Subtheme E4 – Biopolymers, Hydrogels and Processing “Nature-based 3D bioprinted films for controlled in-situ synthesis of bactericides”
S radostí oznamujeme, že Eliška Večerníková dnes (29.8.2022) úspěšně obhájila svou diplovou práci a může se pyšnit zaslouženým titulem Ing.
    Lucka proudly front of her poster "Using garlic alliinase for in-situ synthesis of bactericides: describing enzyme kinetics, stability
We have a brand new bachelor among us! Push your hands in the air for Vladislav Bulgakov, who defended his
We are very proud to anounce that Klára Lukášová, Lenka Závišová, Tereza Procházková, and Adéla Gottfriedová defended their diploma theses and passed final
48th International Conference of SSCHE & PERMEA 2022 May 23 – 26, 2022, hotel SOREA HUTNIK I, Tatranské Matliare, Slovakia
Všem moc děkujeme za vzornou reprezentaci naší laboratoře na konferenci CHISA 2021, která se po roční odmlce náramně vyvedla (až
Statement of UCT Prague on the Situation Development in Ukraine UCT Prague unequivocally condemns the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation, which
We are pleased to announce that many of our students have now longer names.   We wish all the best to 
We are very pleased to anounce that Lucie Večerková, Kateřina Nyklíčková, Vojtěch Kunc, Jan Halberštát, Martin Rompotl, and Islam Baigaliyev defended their theses
We are happy to announce that Ing. Kateryna Korniienko and Ing. Jan Šugar successfully defended their work!   Push your hands together and cheer
We are pleased to let you know that our article Development of compartmentalized antibacterial systems based on encapsulated alliinase is now available
Lucka's IGRA@UCTP project has been selected for funding! Big congrats from LBE!   Nature-based 3D bioprinted films with controlled in-situ
       link here
Our work Effect of physicochemical parameters on the stability and activity of garlic alliinase and its use for in situ allicin
…to download PDF click here
It is a great pleasure to clap our hands and put them in the air for MSc Christian, who defended
Student Scientific Competition 2020 Congratulation to Lucie Večerková (1st), Jan Šugar (1st) and Kateryna Korniienko (3rd) and to all participants
Our dear colleague Edyta got married! We wish her and her husband Michal all the best and lifetime of love and happiness! 
We are pleased to announce that Adéla Gottfriedová and Lenka Závišová successfully defended their Theses and obtained Bachelor degree! Congratulations and best
We are pleased to announce that Bc. David Zůza is known from today as Ing or MSc, …depending on where
              Our paper was just published! Thank you all for your hard work 🙂 
2019 3rd International Conference on Functional Materials and Chemical Engineering (ICFMCE 2019)  Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand  December 15-17, 2019 Edyta
Velká gratulace Lucce za Cenu děkana za její poster! Příprava umělé česnekové buňky procesem rozprašovacího sušení Dále bychom chtěli poděkovat
66. Konference chemického a procesního inženýrství CHISA 2019 Hotel Jezerka, Seč 21. – 24.10.2019 Prezentace Tokárová Viola – Biomimetika a její využití v
Governing factors for preparation of silver nanoparticles using droplet-based microfluidic device O. Kašpar, A. H. Koyuncu, A. Pittermannová, P. Ulbrich*, V. Tokárová Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Chemistry and Technology,
Nature-Inspired Engineering An ECI Conference when? September 8-13, 2019 where? Grand Hotel San Michele Cetraro (Calabria), Italy oral presentations: Development
Big congratulation to Ing. Jakub Svoboda! 🙂 We wish you all best, buddy!   LBE team
Cheers to Bc. Sara for defending her bachelor thesis! ✌ Preparation of biomimetic surfaces with antibacterial effect
  26th International Conference on Bioencapsulation Strasbourg, France – August 27-29, 2019 Strasbourg University, at the Congres Center, located 19
where: Brisbane, Australia when: 4-6th August 2019   Scientists and engineers are inspired by natural structures that have evolved over millions
Author Information Marie Helda, Ondřej Kašparb,c, Clive Edwardsd, and Dan V. Nicolaua,b,1 aDepartment of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, University of Liverpool, L69 3GJ Liverpool,
Big applause to Bc. Kateryna Korniienko for defending her bachelor thesis   👏👩‍🎓🎓📜 "Preparation of alginate beads for enzyme encapsulation"!  
Biomimetics in Bioengineering Conference 2019 4-6 August 2019 in Brisbane, Australia web
*** Big thanks to Hazal, Kateryna, Matěj, Jakub and David for representation of our group and research during Student scientific
Review article (Open Access)  Something has to give: scaling combinatorial computing by biological agents exploring physical networks encoding NP-complete problems
Meet Us at 11th World Congress on Pharmaceutical Sciences September 28-29, 2018 at Montreal, Canada Holiday Inn Express/ Suites Montreal Airport’
Big congrats to David for successful bachelor thesis defense! 😀 gj!
AUA! 2017/2018 The 1st edition of Angelini University Award challenges university students to develop products or service that addresses the growing
Meet Us at 45th International Conference of SSCHE May 21 – 25, 2018, Hotel Hutník, Tatranské Matliare, Slovak Republic   Lectures
Meet Us at Microfluidics & Nanofludics Conference –  Singapore 04 – 08 FEBRUARY 2018   Viola Tokárová: Controlled synthesis of nano-objects in
All best in the year 2018!   Your L-B-E team!
We were invited to talk about our research in popular science magazines Leonardo (Český Rozhlas Plus) and zVědavosti (Český Rozhlas 2).
3rd Microfluidics Congress @ 4BIO 4th-5th Dec 2017, London, UK, Novotel London West Meet us at 4BIO Summit on December 4-5 in London (UK).
✌Hurray! We are authors of article✌   Evaluation of scale-up strategies for the batch synthesis of dense and hollow mesoporous silica
Many congratulations to Hazal for the 2nd place in the Students scientific conference! 😀  
Hazal and David were presenting their research during 64th CHISA conference in Iron Mountains (CZE)   link here
Our team is growing 🙂 Jakub Svoboda and Matěj Černý have joined our team. Their research will be focused on the