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Functional specimen


Czech Rise Up 2.0, projekt MPO 731745/2020 „Dezinfekční mikročástice s prodlouženým ochranným účinkem a metoda jeho vyhodnocení“
Replika prstu pro studium adheze antibakteriálních mikro částic na povrchu kůže - L. Večerková, J. Halberštát, K. Lukášová, L. Mašková, O. Kašpar, V. Tokárová


TAČR Zéta_TJ01000313-V1 „Vývoj biomimetických částic pro antibakteriální aplikace“
Model náplasti pro laboratorní testování antibakteriálních účinků - V. Tokárová, O. Kašpar, P. Jánská, M. Novák


Proven technology


Production and use of a polymer surface for non-enzymatic collection of adherent cells

ID RIV/60461373:22340/21:43923379

PrimeCell Advanced Therapy, a.s.; VŠCHT Praha



The subject of this proven technology is the technology of production and use of a polymer surface for enzymatic collection of adherent cells. The polymer surface was designed to allow cells to be cultured according to conventional culture procedures while providing users with the ability to separate cultured cells of adherent lines from the substrate by changing the temperature without the need for enzymes, dissociation buffers or mechanical harvesting methods. The final product of the proven technology is a carrier with a temperature-responsive substrate.




Device for continuous spray drying with variable inlet composition, method for continuous production of multi-component powders by spray drying and use thereof

European patent No. EP4039348

Klimsa, Vojtech; Ruphuy Chan, Gabriela; Stepanek, Frantisek; Kaspar, Ondrej



The present invention relates to a method for the fast and highly efficient production of multicomponent powders by spray drying. The method can be applied to already existing small-scale spray dryers available in the market and enables the production of multiple samples with variable composition in continuous mode. The present invention further relates to an automated device adaptable to small-scale spray drying equipment, consisting of an inlet pumping station 1, a cleaning mechanism 2 for the cyclone, a valve 3 adaptable to the cyclone, an autosampler 4, analyser 5, and an automatic control device 6 for the whole apparatus.